Groove Life Mossy Oak Breakup Country Silicone Ring

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Groove's Original Mossy Oak Camo Ring - Breakup Country was created to keep you looking good while taking on your adventure! Made of a high elastomer blend, these rings are made to be as comfortable as possible. Groove Life's partnership with Mossy Oak has allowed them to create designs never before seen on rings! Groove's one of a kind grooves allow breathability and comfort like you've never seen before. Engineered to keep air in and moisture out, this ring is perfect for anyone. Their Camo bands provide flexibility and convenience that your old metal band just can't compete with.

Customized in Tennessee

When you first wear this ring it may feel stiff. No worries. These rings have a break-in-period and will soften after a week of wear.

Groove Life offers a 94 year warranty on their silicone rings. Be sure to register your product after your purchase on their website,