Spartina 449 Faithful Charm Necklace 17-18"

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  • FAITHFUL CHARM NECKLACE: Faith brings love to those who love, forgiveness to those who ask and eternal hope to those who believe. This charm necklace serves as a symbol of all the good your faithfulness brings to your life.
  • Introducing Spartina 449's Charm Collection, meaningful charms that bring joy and style to your life. Plated in our custom Premium 14kt Matte Gold Plating over Brass, each charm is designed to be as unique as you. This collection features semi-precious stones, sparkling crystals and small hidden messages. Build a necklace or bracelet that speaks to you with our interchangeable charms. Switch out charms or layer in more chains and create a style that is uniquely you.
  • Spartina's pre-designed charm sets are curated to make shopping easier while still allowing personalization. This set comes with our short Foxtail Toggle Charm Necklace and Faithful Charm. Take the charm off and on for different looks or add more charms later. Charm sets are a great way to start your collection or a gift for someone special. Shop our full Charm Collection here.